About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide community support to families living in the Teton Valley Idaho and Western Wyoming areas that have children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the form of education and funding for therapy not covered by insurance. Through our mission we aim to help enhance the lives of children as well as their families.

One Voice is founded upon the belief that every child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder should receive his or her physician recommended therapy, despite a possible lack of insurance coverage. 

Our goal is to help enrich Teton County communities by advocating Autism Awareness and by offering financial support to those diagnosed with ASD.

How it works

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One Voice is dedicated to raising funds for any child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder who has been recommended a therapy or therapeutic equipment proven to be an effective treatment of Autism. Neither race, religion, orientation, financial status, nor any other discriminating factors will be considered in the disbursement of funds. Funds and services, including therapy hours, are allotted equally among the approved applicants.

In order for your child to become an approved applicant, contact us today for an application.  We do ask that families have sufficient documentation to be attached to their applications, including but not limited to: insurance denial of service, doctor referrals, and research validating the requested service or equipment.

Contact us via email at contact@onevoiceforautism.org, Facebook, or phone (307) 264-0111 if you would like to discuss applying.